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are all here today in the first place. we have a new head coach for the washington redskins. the 7th head coach to be precise in the dan snyder era. dan snyder tried all sorts of coaches here. tried ones with lots of experience like marty schottenheimer. ones with none like jim zorn. steve spurrier. is mike shanahan the man to change that pattern? >> ladies and gentlemen, we got our man. [ applause ] >> reporter: on monday when they fired jim zorn the redskins said they wanted to end the status quo. i say they have ended it. mike shanahan arrived in washington promising wholesale and immediate change. >> you've got to do things right every day and if you do things right every day then you've got a chance to get better. but it is not going to be what we are going to do next year, it is what we are going to do today. how we are getting better as an organization and that does take a lot of effort from a lot of people. >> reporter: the sign on mike shanahan's office door has already been installed saying head coach and he has been also named executive vice president of football operations mea
>>> this is 9 news now. >>> washington wizards point guard gilbert arenas no stranger to controversy but now one of basketball's star players could be in trouble with the law. tonights the washington wizards top player is caught up in a criminal investigation. the new york post reports that gilbert arenas and a teammate drew guns on each other in the team's locker room at the verizon center. the christmas eve argument allegedly stemmed from a gambling argument. armando trull has reaction. good evening, armando. >> reporter: that's right. the story appears to be this can no longer be called the verizon center but the verizon corral and there was a showdown. gilbert arenas had no comment. in fact he ducked our camera today and no wonder the new york post is reporting the washington wizards franchise player allegedly waved a gun in his teammate's face during a locker room dispute over gambling debt. the story quotes nba sources is alleging that creditten don't then pulled his gun at arenas and this prompted the christmas eve release that made no mix mention of the alterc
underway in washington. a live look at haiti northwest, that visual is hosted by the greater washington greater relief committee. >> there is an old saying in the military that the last mile to your destination is always the hardest. that's even more through these days in haiti. bruce leshan is live if many southeast, where organizers tonight are trying to figure out how to get tons of supplies to the people who need them, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, they need them. clearly it is easier for them. and more efficient to actually just send money. send a check. but this is a big dc government warehouse. and inside there, it's completely stuffed with donations of bottled water, clothes, blankets, medical supplies. but the greater washington relief committee is now pleading for help in trying to get all this stuff to the island. >> reporter: hundreds of people, they heard the call and turned up to help. all this stuff donated by poem across the washington region. volunteers, they have shorted and boxed it. and prepared it for delivery. and the 4-year-old, campbell, has seen the devastation on t
in the washington wizards gun incident. brett. >> depending how cynical you are, it was a first step towards contrition or a calculation to have favor with the commissioner and rebuilding his image with fans. arenas met with stern today and asked to be suspended for the remainder of the season. a request that stern abliged, along with the suspension of christensen. both of the teammates will sit out for the rest of the year. reading in part, quote, the issue here is not about the legal ownership and possession of guns, it is about possession of guns in the nba workplace, which will not be tolerated. i've met separately with mr. arenas, both expressed remorse for their actions and understanding of the seriousness of their transgressions. meanwhile, this mug shot of gilbert arenas was taken yesterday at the dc booking facility and obtained by arenas was booked on that felony gun charge, for which he pled guilty. he will be sentenced on march 26. the question now becomes what future does gilbert have with the wizards? will the team try to avoid that contract and can they possibly trade
in northwest washington, i'm lindsey. >> lindsey, thanks. >> are you guilty of using your cell phone, putting makeup on or eating while you're driving? a new group is hoping to make driving as shameful as getting behind the wheel drunk. the fight against distracted drivers. peg. >> the group is called focus driven. it is similar to mothers against driving. each of the founding members has a personal and compelling reason for their fight. each has lost a loved one, a parent, or a child to a distracted driver. >> look at that beautiful smile. and that beautiful smile and the x-rays of her teeth are what identified her body. >> she was crushed to death in her school bus when it was hit by a distracted driver. >> my truck at approximately 60 miles an hour. >> the driver on the cell phone? >> he was fatigued and by his own admission was distracted by his cell phone. >> alicia is one of the five newfounding board members of focus driven. they have all suffered devastating personal losses at the hands of a distracted driver. >> i don't want to meet anymore victim survivors. i want to meet pe
. there is no word what day he will leave washington but the party is 11:00 in the morning to 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon on the 30th. >>> coming up, icy roads lead to a ridiculous, 27-car pileup in atlanta. >>> the recession may be behind us, but the latest news from the labor front shows we are suffering the after shock. we'll be right back. >>> stocks end the week higher. the dow finished the day up 11 points to close at 10618. when it comes to unemployment, good news and bad news. let's start with the positive, shall we? a revised unemployment report for november shows the economy actually added 4,000 jobs that month, and that would be the first gain in nearly two years. on the other hand, employers cut 85,000 jobs in december, and overall the unemployment rate is stuck at 10%. many of the jobs people are finding these days, temp jobs and experts say it is still an uncertain economy and it makes sense. >> finding a temp, putting that temp in place and seeing how he or she performs is, in itself, a good bang for their buck. >> today, president obama outlined a series of tax credits
washington came to the embassy to help. but the more time that passes without communication with her husband's family, the more she worries. >> there's a family member whose entire family is from the epicenter and they have no word. they pretty much last night said we're getting ready for funerals. >> we have a large community here. >> he has been the voice of haiti on washington's wpfw for more than a quarter of a century. his homeland has seen plenty of agony in 26 years, but never anything as bad as this. >> my friends, my family, and you know, i cry sometimes. >> but he says haiti's years of upheaval may have made this earthquake even more deadly. >> we living in a country where people do whatever they want to do. for example, we have no building codes. we have no construction vandals. no nothing. so, it was kind of expected. >> back now live, there is a slogan on the flag. it says unity makes strength. many americans are hoping that somehow out of all of this, haiti emerges more unified and stronger. lesli. >> we can only hope, bruce, thank you for that. one of the u.s. governme
. there will be no blue or orange trains between washington and arlington over the president's day weekend next month. a major track rehabilitation project is scheduled. shuttle service will help people get around the work zone but metro says passengers should add about 40 minutes to their estimated travel time. >>> the commonwealth transportation board has voted to reopen 19 restaurants in virginia. they were closed last summer as part of the plan to trim $9 million from the state budget. but the new governor saying labor and private contributions will help manage the cost of reopening these areas. >>> online newsletter called the capital beltway, one of the country's highways to hell. the daily beat ranked it third between hows in los angeles and hawaii the worst. it named the inner loop near i- 295 and bridge in maryland with the worst bottleneck with rush hour speeds averaging only 21 miles an hour. >>> one year ago today president obama took office and tonight a new poll sheds light on how americans think he is doing. >>> southern california bracing for third day of pounding rains and potential
in northeast washington was bogged down for several hours. scott has the very latest. hi, scott. >> it was a tense day here at svenguard high school after a security guard saw a suspect she thought with a gun in his pocket. it sparked a lockdown and evacuation and a complete search of this high school, which turned up no suspect or gun. tonight, leaving this entire incident ununcomfortable mystery. third period, and police swarm the svenguard high school with overwhelming force. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: while students are angered at reports of a gun in school. >> some security is in there. they're not doing their job. >> reporter: but police credit a school security officer with raising the alarm. >> a security guard was patrolling the building, the interior of the building. she was on the second floor near a stairwell. she observed a subject that she described as a black, light- skinned male with what appeared to be a handgun protruding from his pocket. >> reporter: 500 students were evacuated to the school's secure fenced-in football stadium, while dogs and officers swept t
is reporting mike shanahan has suffered his agent to dc to work on contract negotiations. washington coaches are still on the redskins park premises although a moving van was spotted and taken to the back of the facility and may have been used to pack up belongings. offensive consultant sherman lewis was seen putting boxes in his car. dan snyder's plane which brought mike shanahan to town yesterday is still parked in its hangar. this vehicle pulled out of the dan snyder compound. whether it contains the new head coach of the franchise remains to be seen. >> it could be anything. >> reporter: we have been out at redskins park most of the day. bruce allen's car has not been spotted out here further proof he is locked down away from the facility working on a contract. at redskins park, sara walsh, 9news now, >> that is the quote of the five-day old year so far from chris cooley. this is the redskins. it could be anything. sara, thank you very much. >> reporter: very true. >> more at 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, the jim zorn situation has -- do we want to talk about it? >> sure. >> jim
touched down in washington, courtesy of the private jet. and could be introduced tomorrow. >> what we're looking for in the head coach is somebody that can lead them to levels they have not played to before. san an -- kyle said he is ready to leave houston to come here. what about the redskins players. what are their reactions to all of that? the side of the stories coming up. >> the une tab task of answering the coach's future on the weekly basis. now, there's a sense of relief with the firing which is all over. and this team can finally move forward. >> reporter: as player -res cleaned out their lockers, they know what they want. and the team -- in the team's future head coach. >> i think we are. i think it's safe to say that we need a guy who has done it before. >> reporter: it seems like the redskins are honor that request. before it was known that mike shanahan had touched down, players were calling colleagues to research who they believe will be their next head coach. >> it's hard to see the guys who have played for them. obviously, you know, the two-time head coach. and that ri
much. dave statter. >>> upper georgia avenue in northwest washington, is getting a face lift. mayor adrian fenty and other city leaders broke grounds on a revitalization project today. the plan is to create a restaurant district, and renovate storefronts along the area of georgia heavy between decatur street and eastern avenue. >>> the economic picture in prince georges county is getting rosier with the opening of a new resort at national harbor. the wyndham vacation resort and time shares. they have sold about 75% of their rooms for next week's grand opening. officials say the resort is expected to bring in about $49 million to the region. >>> the new rail line at dulles airport officially opened to the public today. it whisked passengers from the main terminal to concourses a, b and c. it replaces those mobile lounges that have been around since the airport opened in 1962. >> very important day. because it is a milestone. it is important day for the authority. it is an important day for the metropolitan washington region. and it is an important day for travelers. >> the train will
from the district. the other washington wizards player involved in that gilbert arenas gun scandal was sentenced late this afternoon. brittany morehouse joins us live with the details of the guilty plea. brittany? >> reporter: crittenton had nothing to say to camera crews around 2:00 this afternoon as he entered the courthouse. crittenton pled guilty to one misdemeanor weapons violation and another charge was dropped in the plea agreement with prosecutors. this stems from last month's locker room confrontation with gilbert arenas. today, crittenton was sentenced to one year unsupervised probation. and the judge also ordered the player to do outreach with dcu and fined crittenton $1200. and pled guilty to an unregistered firearm. and after the hearing, his attorney explained in more detail. >> mr. crittenton brought an unlawfully obtained handgun into dc into the locker room. only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21 of last year. the government has acknowledged the handgun was not load and he never threatened anyone with it. the gun was legally purchased but b
. brown comes to washington. >>> big losses today on wall street. the nasdaq dropped 25 points and the s&p 500 lost 21. >>> job creation is the key and we heard it yesterday. that's the message to president obama. the concern is the upset victory of scott brown for the late ted kennedy. as for president obama, he is promising more aid. >>> and the president is blasting today's sweeping supreme court decision that could have an impact on the midterm election. the justice overturned a ruling that said corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals to spend as much as they want to elect candidates. >>> it looks like big changes are on the way in the push for health care overhaul. the new senator made the browns already. joel brown has the latest. joel, good evening. >> reporter: hi, anita. scott brown got the tour on the hill today. he met with jubilant republicans and democrats who he said forced to change. washington got the tour from the senator from massachusetts. >> it's been fun, appreciate it. >> reporter: scott brown arrived at the capitol with zero seniority. >> there
in washington is convinced his plans will work. i'm joel brown at the white house. the story is coming up. >>> a third triple-digit loss in a row to end the week on wall street. the dow closed down 216 points to close at 10172. the nasdaq dropped 60 and the s&p 500 lost 24. >>> president obama took his economic promises on the road. at a town hall meeting in ohio, he pushed congress to pass a new jobs bill aimed at getting americans back to work, but there was a large dose of skepticism in the crowd. joel brown has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: in ohio, president obama sharpened his message. he told this town hall that job creation is his top priority. >> i'm not going to stop fighting until we have jobs for everybody. >> reporter: but the audience listening includes people who have suffered since he took office. in 2008, candidate obama came to this same town, promising jobs. >> i proposed a job creation agenda. >> reporter: since then the town's dry wall factory shut down and the unemployment rate jumped higher than the national average. the economy is the nation's top c
bowl. it was a love fest at the standing room only washington landmark. the 32 year radio legend even picked up the tab, pretty big one for all the fans that came down. >> might have been traffic problems around there. >> speaking of traffic, let's get to patranya bhoolsuwan. it is friday and you know what that means [ no audio ] >>> coming up the dog rescued from flooding in california. back now with his rightful owner. >>> and president obama and the gop travel to neutral territory to find common ground. i'm joel brown in baltimore. the story's coming >>> on wall, stocks are dangerously close to falling below the ten thousand mark. the dow closed down 53. the nasdaq down 31 and the s&p dropped ten. >>> president obama tackled some tough questions from the opposition during a visit to a republican congressional retreat in baltimore. he urged them to find common ground with the democrats to move his agenda forward. topping that list, putting americans back to work. joel brown is joining us live from baltimore with the story. hi, joel. >> reporter: , look, we don't want to overstate wh
are frustrated. and he is calling for an end to the political bickering in washington. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. >> reporter: but the gop says it's the president that needs to change his attitude. >> there was nothing last night to indicate that there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> reporter: republicans insist that they are willing to sit down and talk to democrats. they have invited the president to their winter meeting on friday. he plans to go and in a move that could contest both party's willingness to put politics aside. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> the northeast coroner from washington, d.c. to boston will get $112 million of the high-speed rail funding. most of the grant money will go to florida, california, and the chicago hub, which includes chicago's st. louis and kansas city area. president obama puts that into ward. >> for the americans. are even better and becoming more active. but they admit that it is tough with today's busy lifestyle. >> at the end of the long day, more and more families, they are experiencing these long day
after a washington post report which details a much more serious report between arenas and crittenton that included crittento no, loading his firearm. in the meantime, word surfaced today that the entire incident might have been caught on tape. there maybe locker room video and the team is working on getting it to the dc police. the dc wouldn't confirm that the video tape existed. >> there's an awful lot of people that have to be interviewed. until that happens, nobody is going to comment on the investigation. >> reporter: for now, expect to see less of gilbert arenas at the center. >> i have worked in this build r for four years and there has been a picture of gilbert arenas in any view. personally, i would take it down. >> reporter: 30 minutes later, she got her wish. >> well, you know, we shouldn't be surprised by that because we have seen in case after case with sports figures and others how this happens. >> well, we saw it with tiger and if you are going to put yourself out there as a figure of character and excellence, you have to live up to that and if you don't, you should exp
process. new researching flames and how. >>> we're in washington. >> yes. >> call the sports department. >>, stay with us tonight's living well segment with the former silly girls coming up next. there you go. if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >>> if parents needed to know about the sex of their baby, they need to wait for the ultrasound. and a new study shows that the blood tests are becoming more accurate. one used in the feather lands in nearly -- netherlands in nearly 200 pregnancies. or what the cost might be. but the studies, they support using i
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